Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Now I see you!

The past year has presented us with the challenge of finding the right time to do a cleaning of the aquarium. (Plain old forgetting plays a part as well.) It lives in the corner, right behind Fran's recliner. Yesterday I made a comment about needing to get to that job. She pointed out that perhaps I could've taken advantage of the morning when she's in bed. Doh!
So, today was the day! I pulled out the Python cleaning hose and attachments, then I set out to remember how to hook it up to the bathroom faucet.
"Oh please, Zuzu! Don't do your crazy loud meowing/howling at the water in the hose this morning!" I don't know what it is about that hose, but it drives her a little bonkers. I didn't take out all of the plant and rock features for the thorough cleaning, but I did attend to the dirtiest of the gravel. Plus, the fish now have half of their water and two filters replaced.
Most of them seem to have recovered from the stress and fright of it all. I just hope the Kuhli Loaches are okay. Not as easy to tell with those wee gravel dwellers.

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