Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Second Tuesday of July

I feel like I accomplished something today--delivery of rental app, groceries, jam and the usual. Oh and I wrestled the duvet back into it's cover after a quick wash. I thought I'd found the duvet secret, but no. Just another method before the grabbing of each side and shaking it out fiercely to get the insides evenly distributed. I decided it was just one more session of at home wrist/hand therapy.
While the short ribs marinated and I tried to decide what to do with the yams, Lise came home from work and asked if I'd accompany her to the vintage clothing store. She's still looking for a skirt to wear to an upcoming wedding. She did buy two nice skirts, but she's yet to decide if she'll wear either one that day.
Jonathon was walking up the driveway at exactly the same time we pulled up the street. Nice to have him back. He helped me decide what to do with those yams (oven fries) AND made a chipolte mayo to dip them in.

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