Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Self Talk Begins

*In the next two days I WILL get my rear in gear and do some of the digging in and recycling I love to do in the summer.*

I began this post yesterday and have just begun to poke into closets and corners, tossing those items that seemed important when we stashed them on a shelf. (ack! eyes are itching!) N and I have this habit of saving the original box we buy things in--from the cell phones we bought 2 years ago, the used camera I bought on ebay, the router from when we went wireless. Maybe I should start marking our calendar 90 days in the future as a reminder to toss those boxes. That time period should suffice, right?
I was glad to see the packaging is creeping closer to 88% recyclable instead of 50 or 60%. Our "Big Blue" is filled nearly to the brim and I don't think this is the week D&O pick it up. Maybe I can talk Lise into jumping in and tromping it for me. :>)
Oh! And then there are the cords! Holy Moly! How many cords does a person need and what do you do with the ones you don't want?


Lise M said...

Well, I can stomp again if you want. lol! I'll wear sturdy shoes this time though.

BTW - everyone should be saving their old electronics and then taking it to a certified recycling facility like the one for Marion County:

Don't pollute the landfills with deadly chemicals!! :-p

KandN said...

You are an excellent stomper! :>)
Yes, you are right! I should've started a bag of . . . cords? Do they consider cords electronics?