Sunday, July 26, 2009

Signed Sealed Delivered

My favorite part of going to weddings is the people watching. Not to ridicule, but to capture those snapshot moments between other humans. My favorite moments yesterday:
One child running to a group of other children to share some news, looks of disbelief on little faces and then the wee stampede to the chocolate fountain. The just informed stood in anticipation and watched while the discoverer demonstrates his technique. As the rest step forward to take their turns, a great auntie steps in to show proper technique and then watches to make sure her lesson was absorbed. The mother in charge of all the youngsters enters the scene to admonish them all about eating chocolate before finishing dinner.
The ringbearer (nephew of the groom) patiently following and waiting to be noticed by the bride as she joined the groom in greeting guests table by table and once he caught her attention, said his piece and gave her a high five.

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