Friday, July 17, 2009

Sister time

My two sisters met in Vancouver and drove down to spend the day with me yesterday. What a sweet gift! I would've been content just to be in their company without saying a word--listening to their easy, teasing, loving banter.
I feel close to both of them, but they're only a year and a half apart. Whereas I'm 13 years younger than S and 11 1/2 years younger than K. No getting around it, that's quite a span.
My favorite childhood memories are of being pampered and carted around by both S & K and their friends. I felt pretty special. They allowed me to be a tag-a-long in the backseat of a boyfriend's convertible amongst other special treats. I still have a vague memory of someone lifting me up onto a counter in the girls' bathroom in the high school (where Twilight was filmed). As a kindergartner I was witness to mascara and lipstick application, girls rolling up skirt waistbands and performing various other forbidden behavior.
I remember nightmares that terrified me and crawling between the two of them in the big bed they shared. Such fresh wonderful feelings of comfort and safety!
I also remember the heartbreaking moments when they left home--S to get married and K to go to college--howling and crying my eyes out in my bedroom. How could they abandon me?! And wouldn't you know it, my face is wet from tears just thinking back to that time.
It's good to have them in my life. Now if I could just shorten the distance between us.


smc said...

Thank you for sharing your loving description of you and your sisters growing up together. Your essay was full of love.

sweet sue said...

Oh, how sweet are your thoughts! I loved reading this. We had lots of fun with our little sister...lots of friends at the time were so jealous of us.
I also remember your first day of kindergarden...Tawna and I peeked in on you on our trips around the halls whenever we passed your the morning you were crying (holding your little purse), but were OK the rest of the time. It was handy having the kindergarden in the high school...but seems strange now.

KandN said...

SS, Thank you! It's easy to write about those golden love filled moments.

Sis, People usually get a funny expression on their faces when I say my kindergarten classroom was downstairs in the high school. I had a purse? Now that's funny!
I'm glad I was the kind of wee sis friends would be jealous of and not the other kind!

sweet sue said...

You DID have a purse...I can still see you standing there in the room sobbing away with your two little hands holding onto it. You looked so cute!

Anonymous said...

Your Mother teared up over your 'sister' entry! Then your Father read it..."pretty cute..very nice". We deeply love our baby girl!!