Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Update for D from K

And here I am again, but this time with projects waiting.
My first trip out was a quickie--milk emergency. How does THAT happen? Must be the number of milk drinkers in the house.
{mmm, pausing to take bite of s'more that Fran just handed me--made with homemade marshmallow and fresh raspberries. I wonder when she starts making graham crackers??}

The second trip took me to the pet store {said pets are sticking their heads in the bag to see if there are any more toys, the greedy lil dogs!} for cat food and dog toys. Then clear across town to the doctor's office to see if Fran's prescription was ready to pick-up {nope}. Stopped off at Bi Mart to buy more Ball pectin before I drove out to Nanneman Farms to buy a flat of raspberries, and then bought a marionberry pie on impulse. At last I went to Costco to pick up my own prescription and proceeded to walk out with way too much of the store in my cart.

Now I have berries nagging me, along with dinner. Plus the dishwasher needs to run, but I don't want to heat up the house.
Sitting here is so much easier!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks K! Sounds like a busy day. I remember the days when I canned jam. It's so worth the effort!

D from the K