Friday, July 10, 2009


Izzy and I just returned from a walk at the park. It's so much easier to get a nice pace going with just her. Elderly Nixon tends to break up his walk to perform a exploration into the blades of grass and tree trunks as often as caninely possible. Izzy is happy to oblige, of course.
About halfway through our walk, she spotted a Golden Retriever, "are you Ally? are you Ally?", she barked. Then she proceeded to pull me for half a lap trying to catch up. I was hoping the owner would stop so we could do an introduction to ease the excitement, but no luck. She was probably trying to keep the pace up as well.
Okay, time to get ready to go in for my bone density test. I hear it's quick and painless (not that I expected it to be painful), but I didn't read whether I'd need to strip down. Most likely, eh? We wouldn't want to make it too easy! ;>)
Enjoy your Friday!

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