Monday, September 14, 2009

Fit to be tied

During our camping trip at Paulina Lake, I noticed that Jim and Joyce used a double lead when they took their 3 dogs out for exercise (Cody, the third dog, walks without a leash).  I was impressed.  It looked like an excellent alternative to holding our two big, handled, retractable leashes.  So N and I picked out a model for smaller dogs(not the smallest nor the biggest), while at the pet store buying new fish and such. 
I snipped it out of it's sturdy packaging and extended it to the longest length possible, before attaching it to Izzy and Hope for our evening walk.  We were barely out of the driveway before it was painfully clear (from Hope's point of view) this was not going to work.  There are about 5 pounds and 4 years difference between the dogs, which really isn't much, but Izzy has waay more physical enthusiasm for life than Hope. 
And so Hope began to be unwillingly tugged every way Izzy decided to go and I could barely catch my breath.  I was laughing so hard, tears rolled down my cheeks.  Sorry Hope!  There was something that tickled my funny bone about that picture and I can't resist a good laugh.  I need all the cardiovascular exercise I can get!


Lise M said...

LOL! Knew it!!

Unknown said...

How are there no pictures?