Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Phone Envy

About 3 weeks ago I finally stopped at a kiosk and replaced my cell phone.  It had been 5 months since I was eligible.  Typical me to procrastinate, yet surprising since it is considered a tech item.

Plus, I didn't research like usual.  I guess I just wanted to check it off my to do list.  Not only was it not the most fun way to get my new phone, but not very nice of me, since Fran loves to do that end of the job.
When I was done, I told N it was his turn and he DID ask for Fran's help.  The result?  I want his phone.  I was very happy with mine, until I saw his.  Bad K!!  I checked the return policy and I should still be eligible for the 30 day window.

Now to see if I kept everything in that little box.

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