Saturday, September 19, 2009

Two dog house

It's been interesting to watch the changes around here between a one and a two dog household.  Izzy used to be totally tuned into her people, but now we're in second place after Hope.  This also is happening with Hope, but at a slower pace.  She's more reluctant to give up those special lap moments, in spite of Izzy trying to herd her away or entice her into play.

One of the major benefits is when it's time for the dogs to take a break outside. Izzy would refuse if it was even slightly damp, but it's not an issue now.  They both jostle one another in the excitement to get out the door.  And when it came to eating, Hope seemed shy about going into another room alone and would wait until we were with her, but now they eat together--sometimes out of the same bowl.

Fran liked Izzy to be with her during the night, but Izzy began to whine at our door as soon as Fran would go to sleep.  Now that Hope's here, we keep their dog beds on our bedroom floor and they're perfectly happy to sleep side by side all night.  Not only are we sleeping better, but Fran is less stressed over Izzy waking us up.

I can see how people end up with more than one dog.  Having a small dog pack in the house is pretty cool and feels comfortable, but in my book "small" is essential.

(Just dawned on me, that we did have 2 dogs in the house for a year when Lise and J lived with us, but the relationship between Nixon and Izzy was different.  While they did have fun playing together, that's where it ended.  Maybe it was the big difference in age.)

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Lise M said...

And Nixy didn't sleep with Izzy. That was a huge part.