Monday, September 28, 2009

Washing my hands . . . again

It's begun.  We've officially been in school long enough for the young ones (and adults, too) to start staying home sick.  The wee folk have been at school for 5 fewer days than everyone else, but I'm sure in no time at all we'll make up for that lost time.  I noticed a few with red eyes today, too.  Over the years, I've had my share of conjunctivitis thanks to all the exposure.  I tell myself at the beginning of each day, "you will not touch your face until the wee folk are gone and your hands are scrubbed".  Doesn't always work--so many things we do without thinking. 

And now that I'm reminded, I really need to drive across town and get my flu shot.  I checked the clinic's site for information on shots, but didn't spot anything new.  Guess I better ring them up.  In the meantime, I should remember to cough and sneeze into my sleeve AND get myself some of these cool sleeves.  I wonder if they come in my size?

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