Saturday, October 10, 2009

Decrapification feels so good

What an opportunity!  Empty the living areas of 95% of the contents and suddenly it's so much easier to toss clutter, dust previously unexposed walls & crannies, and wash windows & curtains.  All things I usually tend to in the summer months.  I was sad to have missed that opportunity, but the timing wasn't right then.  Now?  Now I'm thrilled to have it done.

The young man who came to clean our carpet asked if I wanted the pet treatment.  I made the $100 leap.  It wasn't cheap, but it's good to remove any residual odor (that we no longer notice) and the temptation it gives to any visiting dogs.  He warned me that the spots would remain wet for 24 hours and the smell would increase during that time.

Can I say yet again how happy I am to have clean carpet??  I've been embarrassed over all the dog spots whenever we have company.  I'm a big fan of spot treatment, but not every resident of the house knew it's necessary to remove as much urine as possible and then treat with product.  As a result, we ended up with a carpet (mainly in the hallway) that hung onto dirt in every untreated area.  If I'd known 9 years ago, I would've installed polka dot carpet!  :>.

Next goal?  Recarpet the cat castle.  Ready N??

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