Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fun at the pumpkin patch

Call us crazy or maybe even certifiable, but the KG team decided to take all 3 classes, cram the wee bodies (with an occasional adult) 3 to a seat on a school bus and drive out Highway 22, taking a left on Independence Highway and then a right on Popular, to Setnicker's Pumpkin Patch.

We were regulars at Setnicker's for 3 or 4 consecutive Octobers until they closed up shop for two years. We appreciated the activities they offered for our age group, their organization and price and how they didn't overbook. They've made some changes since we last visited--all good.

They have an awesome play area inside a barn that includes a big corn kernel filled spot, surrounded with hay bales and filled with lots of toys and shovels, 3 slides of varying sizes and a small pretend jail under the two bigger slides. Outside the barn is a hay pyramid perfect for the development of a 5-6 year old's core muscle group and a pint sized hay maze. Just east of the barn is a big field of pumpkins--giant varieties and tiny ones, too. The tractor pulled hayride took us around the perimeter of the pumpkin field to give us a good view of all the pumpkins.

We had a fun morning without rain and just a little mud. Now I'm craving apple cider and want to carve a giant pumpkin.  :>)


Amber said...

We took my nephew the first day they opened this year. In true, 4 year old fashion, he told us that was the best tractor ride he had ever been on! He also enjoyed the corn pit, something I had never seen done before!

KandN said...

Too cute! I love hearing a child's perspective.
One of our parents, who helps run a local preschool, planned on asking if they sold bags of the corn. She thought it would make a fun daily activity. If it gets wet? You get science! :>)