Sunday, October 4, 2009

If it's midnight, we must be in Ashland

Once again it's just Hope, Zuzu, N and I in the house for a spell.  Fran's Friday appointment with Dr. Nair was cancelled at the last minute and rescheduled for later in the month.  We had planned on postponing the trip to take her down to Jonathon's to next weekend, since a trip to the doctor (or anywhere for that matter) AND a drive to Ashland is too much exertion in one day.
I had nearly all of the packing completed by the time N made it home from working on Lise's car.  Thankfully, it was a nice night for a drive down I-5.  Although, there was one spot where we felt like the interstate was a semi parking lot.  Way more so than usual.  We must've hit a prime starting point (truck stop?) after dinners and naps were over.
When we pulled into the Ashland Econolodge (soon they'll greet us by name), we woke up the sweet couple who own it for our check-in.  "Not a problem!", he assured us.  We noticed (from the paper left on the counter) that we wouldn't be the last late reservation pulling in. 
Of course, Izzy became overly excited seeing her second house and Jonathon (they wouldn't be getting any sleep for awhile).  N and I unloaded the truck and made the short trek back to the motel.
Why is it that we're never able to collapse into bed at that point?  The TV gets turned on and we find a movie to watch, while Hope checks out every nook and cranny she and her nose can find.

The next morning we drove over to take Jonathon out for breakfast before the drive north.  We chose a favorite amongst locals, college students and tourists -- Morning Glory.  They offer a list of about 15 different omelets.  If the description happens to be close to a standard omelet, the ingredients they use are never the usual.  Between the enormous and satisfying cup of coffee and the delicious breakfasts, N and I weren't even tempted to make a  food stop all the way home. 

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