Friday, October 16, 2009

Joggity joggity jog

Our jog-a-thon is over!  I don't know what I enjoy more--the actual event or marking it off the calendar.  We didn't get to practice as often as we have in the past, but at least this year when we did practice we jogged 2-3 laps, instead of just one.  Last year the short people thought they were finished with the jog-a-thon after finishing one lap.  It was pretty funny and tough to get them going again once they had stopped.

Even though the weather turned out muggy, we were all thrilled not to have the forecasted downpour.  Something about getting children soaked and then feeding them popsicles outside during flu season just didn't seem right.  Yay for a switch in the jet stream or whatever caused the unexpected change.

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