Monday, October 12, 2009

Just tell me why

Finally (!) the supplements (that I failed to notice needed reordering) arrived via UPS today.  Two fairly small bottles were tucked inside an 8x10x12" box, which was stuffed to bulging with ghost poopies.  As if these two plastic bottles were rare, delicate eggs.  Oh bother!

My other little (in the grand scheme of life) frustration today is not being able to figure out how to transfer the ringtones I made on the PC to my new phone. I thought the USB cord would be the answer, but no. Syncing the phone to the PC to share music is explained (in both the manual and the web), but it's obvious they're not interested in telling the world how to add your own ringtones. Oh well, either it works or it doesn't. I guess the website that taught me how to make my own tones was good entertainment.
A simple brain adjustment and I feel a teensy bit less irritated.

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