Saturday, October 17, 2009

My 4th birthday--Flashback

Maybe it was the downpour we experienced this morning, but my brain flashed back to some 40+ year old memories from my childhood--the Columbus Day storm
It wouldn't have been October (or my birthday) if my parents didn't go hunting with their group of friends.  I remember being told that my parents couldn't drive home on the day they had planned to and that our tall cedar tree had fallen on our house.  Luckily, the tree was about 10 feet away from the house.  There was damage, but nothing compared to what it would've been if the tree had been farther away. 
I have two clear memories of those days:  being taken to the house of friends of my parents, where I parked myself on a couch with a view of the road; my Aunt Martha making me a birthday pancake on a Coleman stove in our kitchen with the cedar tree leaning on the house.

I found the above photos on Salem Library photo archive.

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