Thursday, October 8, 2009

One person prep

This evening, as I was getting some of the light, one person prep done for tomorrow's carpet cleaning, I remembered (I'm pretty sure that memory is correct) that Jonathon was here to help out with the heavy lifting the last time.  Wimpy me? Not much of a substitute, but I'll do my best not to hurt N.

I'm so very happy the carpet is going to be cleaned.  (Yahoo!!) It's been through quite a bit since the last time.  It took about 6 months total, but Izzy learned bladder control.  Nixon proved his age and that he gets pretty danged excited whenever the word "walk" is uttered.  And of course, there are the unavoidable spills and tracked in dirt from normal day to day living. 

I know, there won't be any miracles--not everything is going to come out of the carpet fibers tomorrow morning, but it's going to be a big improvement.  Until next time.

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