Sunday, October 25, 2009

Paying for the shade

As Sunday's rain holds off, N's out finishing the leaf job that he didn't have time to finish before yesterday's wedding.  The leaves wait for him (rain or shine) every weekend this time of year.  I'm always amazed at size of the pile each and every week--and that's not counting our neighbor's 3 Ash trees that hang over our driveway. Sure we grouse and complain (wait, do I even have the right?), but the trees are one of the main reasons we love it here on the side of the hill. 
When we first moved here, it was a family project.  The girls and I made numerous piles with our rakes, so N could shred them with the lawn mower.  Now he works solo with the blower and this cool leaf shredder he found on the internet.  After time, moisture, heat and the worms are finished, we end up with some fine compost.


Salem Man said...

Cool machine.

KandN said...

Sure saves on the wear and tear of both N and the lawn mower.