Monday, October 19, 2009

Tripping South

N and I decided to try mixing it up a bit with our trip to Ashland this time around.  We've been leaving after work on Friday when we take Fran down or bring her back, but the time before this last one found us making a much later start than usual.  Arriving at midnight is bad for a number of reasons:  drowsiness, late motel check-in, keeping Jon up and getting Izzy riled up when she should be settling down for the night.  So this time, N decided we should try a Saturday late afternoon departure. 
Part of his thinking?  He could get the backyard leaves tended to before hitting the road (which was postponed due to the downpour).  Other than that, the leisurely trip and the time to enjoy a couple of HBO movies in the motel before falling asleep were good things. 
Yesterday, we took the opportunity to take Jon out to Munchies for a late lunch.  Ashland was a hopping town this weekend, but since we ate at an off time (about 2-3) we didn't have to brave the hungry crowds.  AND I found a way to resist buying an entire Chocolate Peanut Butter pie--the 3 of us shared a piece after our lunch. 
Will my pie fix last? 
Or will I be tempted to ask Jon to bring me a pie the next time he drives up??


Unknown said...

You should definitely no ask me that...I hate pie ;-)

KandN said...

Hey, you ate all that extra crumb crust! I know better!
Mmmm, craving pie . . .