Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another new local brewery :>)

After attending the Oregon Wine, Beer and Food Festival last night, I began to question whether I really do like wine and beer equally.  I was definitely excited  to taste the beers, but only one wine really sparked my taste buds--a tempranillo from Edenvale.
The beer on the other hand?  None were a disappointment.  I particularly loved the beer from Gilgamesh Brewing.  They're trying new (to me at least) things.  Can't wait to see them on tap around town!


Amber said...

A friend from high school is one of the co-owners. We ordered some of the Hopscotch and Black Mamba for Thanksgiving and they were a hit! I hope they do well, I love seeing the local guys succeed!

KandN said...

I bet they were a hit! Great idea for a big family gathering. :>)