Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Monday meet-ups

The staff where I work has (what they call) "first Friday".  An email goes out once a month and asks who's available to meet for a drink after work at a local restaurant bar.  I participated for a year or so, but realized that the combination of an early drink and a Friday put me to sleep soon after I went home.  That's not my idea of a fun Friday!  (Although, I wish there was another way to catch up with all of them.  Especially now that L and I are more isolated in a separate building.)

Now I'm enjoying a group of Salemites for a (fairly) regular Monday meet-up for happy hour.  We found each other online--either through blogging or twitter.  I'm loving the company of this group.  It's energizing AND I don't fall asleep once I get home.

Five years ago who knew I'd be getting so much enjoyment out of something called "blogging"?  I thank Rebekah for giving me the opportunity to take a moment and think about that.


Amber said...

And I do fall asleep when I get home, which is exactly what I need on a Monday night. :) Had a great time.

KandN said...

I did end up falling asleep later, but that's when daughter Fran turned on Fringe. I like it and yet sometimes I have to close my eyes . . . and well, then I fell asleep. :>)

Jennie said...

And what a wonderful group they are.

KandN said...

Yes, yes indeed :>)