Thursday, January 28, 2010

Reading Rainbow

I've probably raved about Reading Rainbow in past posts and here I go again.

I was sad the show was canceled this past year, but glad all those videos that were made will continue to live on.  All those children who won't have the opportunity to see glimpses of the world through Levar's eyes.  His enthusiasm for learning and reading is contagious.  I have many favorites, but since I'm limited in opportunities to share them with the short people I limit the videos I show:

Germs Make Me Sick!
Bored Nothing To Do
My Shadow (love Sonny, the shadow artist from Venezuela)

They supplement perfectly what Kim and I teach in science.

Yesterday, while wheeling the tv/vcr cart our of our science area, I began to wonder how the changes in technology will affect my being able to show these enriching nuggets to the short folk.  I know the schools won't be making any immediate technological leaps, but I do believe the speculation that we'll eventually move away from CDs & DVDs.  Everything will be streamed via the internet or kept on a digital storage device.
I just wish I could get my favorites professionally recorded onto one DVD.  That ought to take me all the way up to retirement.

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