Monday, January 11, 2010

Viceroy Kit House update

Here's the latest photo of my sister K and her husband's Viceroy kit house that they started here. They're still working on the inside--plumbing passed the water test this past week and the heat pump will be installed in a week or more. (click here for video of exterior)


smc said...

Stunning view, lovely home, great location!

KandN said...

Makes me wish for the kind of transportation I read about in a sci-fi book years ago--hop into a booth on the street corner, dial in the coordinates of your desired location and "bam!", you're there!
It's not like I drive up often (enough) to see my family, but I'm worried about this one moving farther away.
It is stunning, isn't it?? :>)
On another subject--hope you can join us again for HH sometime.