Monday, February 15, 2010

Hand me another beer, will ya/

How I love getting things done! However, I don't love the anticipation of bustling about the house all weekend--just the results.
The new mattress is now in place on the newly completed platform. Today, we bought a new duvet cover, a matching bedspread, new pillows and a little bedside stand for N's sleep machine. Our mattress protector and sheets arrived via UPS today--California King can be tough to find in local stores.
The bed's starting to look kinda pretty. I've never had a pretty bed before. I'm liking this (possibly) new trend. Over the years I've resigned myself to "just be practical" and not try anything special. Since I'm color challenged, I have to rely on N for every decision. As a result it doesn't feel like I get to be as creative as I'd like.  How pitiful does that sound??
We're not done yet.  There's still a headboard to build. 


Amber said...

Are you going to post pictures? I want to see!

KandN said...

Maybe . . . we'll see!