Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Daily Supplements

I have a fairly long list of supplements I take every day (some twice a day), but I doubt if I'm off the charts as far as an average quantity for a typical American.  I began, like most, with a daily vitamin.  Then as I've aged I continued to add one or two more. 

The supplement I take that raises the most eyebrows in the exam room, came about after reading an article in a (long past) issue of Discover magazine on the research of Bruce Ames of UC Berkeley.  Not that I believe I can stop the aging process, but I figure it can't hurt to try.

Here's my list: 
Acetyl L-Carnitine & Alpha Lipoic Acid 650 MG - 2x a day
Calcium Citrate 630MG - 2x a day
Centrum Silver Multi - 2x a day
B Complex - 1x a day
Ferrous Sulfate 65 MG -1x a day
Magnesium 250 MG - 3x a week
Fish Oil - 2x a day
Flax Seed Oil - 2x a day
Oat Bran tablets 2 - 2x a day


jennie said...

They must be working 'cause you look great!

KandN said...

You're way too kind, Jennie! Of course it must help that we only see each other during happy hour! ;>)