Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Remembering the break

Maybe I'm trying to hang onto it a little longer or maybe I'm just wanting to put it in "the cloud" as a reminder. Maybe no explanation is needed.

The Friday before the official start of Spring break found Fran, N, Izzy, Hope and I, all tucked into the truck and heading south to Ashland. A work friend had asked if a brother could hitch a ride. I'm glad the timing didn't work out. Saved us having to find out we didn't have room for another body. (How did 5 of us make the trip that one time? Must have been cramped!!)
N and I spent the night and took Jonathon out to breakfast before heading north. Ah, such a nice, quiet, meditative drive ... for me as a passenger. :>)

N used the time between arriving home and leaving again to stain and put the first clear coat on our new headboard. We packed up the car and drove north to Hood Canal to spend 2 nights with sissy K and her husband K. Such beautiful weather and sweet, relaxing company! We walked, we ate, we took a ride around the area, drank cider around the fire pit, we toured the house in progress and then made our way back home before the rains came.

After several more hours of work, the bed is complete. Thanks, N!
On Monday morning, we pried our fingers off the end of the break and returned to work. {sigh}
How many days until June? :>)

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