Sunday, March 21, 2010


Just when I think I'm improving in having an equal and balanced discussion with my beloved, I wake up to the realization that I still have far to go.
N and I had planned on a "just the two of us" week at the beach, but I had a sudden, random thought, during our drive back from Ashland, of using that time to go up and see sissy K's homestead progress.  I thought I framed it well--in that it was just a thought and didn't have to be honored, but I forget how this man of mine will bend over backward to make me happy.  He happily agreed, but then during the wee hours the issues began to pile up between us, but it took the morning light to bring me up to speed that I had errored.  And now there's no going back.  He's made up his mind, decided what he'll do with the extra time at home.
How can I be this age and still have so much to learn?

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