Monday, March 1, 2010

Thankful (or trying to remember to be thankful)

So many well behaved children in our two classes!
Yet, because of a wee handful of little people with behavioral issues it's tough to touch base more than a few times a day with those who have great self control and work independently.  And this time of year my discouragement grows.  Seems like L & I should be making some gains with those behaviors, but this year we're not.  Immaturity is the main cause, but hardly the only one.
During a particularly frustrating day last week, I was struggling to find something positive to say while bringing the recess line back into the annex.  I stopped, turned and told the line, "I'm so thankful for all the children who know how to listen and follow directions." 
The short person in the front of the line smiled, looked up at me and asked, "You mean like me?" 
"Yes!  Like you!"


Anonymous said...

You have the patience of a saint. I couldn't do your job!


KandN said...

You could adapt to ANY situation you were put in, D!
I tend to believe that all the things you and I went through as children have given us this special little room (in our brains) to escape to when things get too crazy. Then we work it out once we get home.

Anonymous said...

Is that why I can tune out all the chaos in the kiva when it gets crazy in there? :-)

I think their extreme cuteness could help me adapt perhaps!