Monday, June 7, 2010

I shoulda known better

I had a short list of things to talk to my doc about today. One of which was what to do with these allergies I've been experiencing for the first time (at least to this degree). I've been using a combination of things to ease the symptoms with good results. But, boy oh boy, do I know right away when it's time for the next dose!
"What are you using?", Dr. H asked. As soon as he uttered that question, I realized what I'd done.
"Afrin", I replied.
I told him that I'd been using it longer than the recommended 3 days in a row and he reminded me about the addictive properties of nasal spray decongestants and the rebound effect. Ugh! I KNOW this! I've known it for years! I can't believe I did it. Bleh.
I guess the instant relief was too good to pass up . . .

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