Thursday, June 17, 2010

Projects, projects, who's gotta project??

Honestly?  I had a vague idea of what this volunteer gig might entail.  Let me emphasize "vague".  I told myself that if nothing else, it would be a learning experience.  It's taken much more time than I imagined, but I have learned more about this video program.
My first indication of what I was in for, was when I downloaded all 2 hours worth of video onto the laptop.  The laptop (I mistakenly thought) began balking at the number of mpgs I had open at the same time.  After chatting with Salem Man, I understood it was the program having fits.  Sorting the files into their categories first turned out to be the answer, but the PC's dvd burner is probably better suited to the task of burning multiple copies anyway.
The project is the brainchild of our PE teacher.  One day she realized our school didn't have a set of definite playground rules known by all.  She talked to our principal and began the process of interviewing all of the assistants who have playground duty and then she took what she learned to the teachers and finally started the process of writing up a master list of rules.  Then she discovered that no one was reading or sharing the rules with students.  Her next idea was to make a dvd, using students to act out situations.  It's a great idea and I hope the teachers find the time to show it to their kids.  She did a great job--wrote a script that's clear and concise and shot short to the point video segments.
I just hope my end product with it's menus and arrows is easy to use, because that's the only way it'll get used.


Amber said...

That is a very cool idea! Maybe you could "market" it to other local schools, too. You could be a famous movie producer!

KandN said...

Just the editor! :>)
All the rest of the credit goes to Jane. She just justifiably frustrated over the lack of set in stone rules. She's close to retirement, so I'm thinking this will be her legacy.