Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Wave

I used to give N such a hard time over his pet peeve--"the wave".  You know, when another driver is beckoning you to pull out in front of them or just generally get out of their way?  He would insist that there was nothing friendly about those waves, they were a method of impatient people getting you to do their bidding.
"Are you serious?!", I'd exclaim.  "They're just being nice, not rude."
Lately, I'm reconsidering.  The waves I've been seeing over the past couple of weeks have been of the "hurry up, you're in my way" variety.  Please tell me it's not a trend.


Can Opener Boy said...

I think it may be a Y-chromosome thing. Here's how I've heard it in the past:

2 motorists arrive at a 4-way stop at the same time, from right-angles. Driver #1 waves driver #2 ahead. Driver #2 shakes head and waves Driver #1 ahead. This goes back and forth until one finally moves forward through the intersection.


If the drivers are female, they are each saying "no, no, please, you go ahead. We're all connected as human beings and I am happy to allow you the privilege of going first" The one who actually *does* go first appreciates the camaraderie. The one who goes second feels good about herself because she has made a connection to another human and done a nice thing.

If the drivers are male, they are each saying "no, no, *I* am in charge here, and I'm calling the shots -- and I'm telling *you* to go first you idiot!" The one who actually *does* go first "loses" because he was subservient to another man. The one who goes second feels good about himself because he has done a nice thing by letting someone else go first, while still maintaining a sense of power and control.

KandN said...

Aha! Now this makes sense!
"N, come here and read this!"

Salem Man said...

Great analysis CO Boy!