Saturday, September 25, 2010

Catching my breath

There are times when I question the reasoning behind taking 3 months off from school. These crazy thoughts usually occur in September when I'm still getting used to the routine, but NEVER in June, July or August.

I've had Junes when I decided I'd try and stick (loosely) to the regular schedule, but there's no fooling the summer brain. During the school year, when I hear that alarm, I practically hop out of bed and onto the treadmill. Once school is out, my fingers know exactly where that alarm's mute button is. Aurgh! Or maybe that should be--aurgh?

And if I don't get on that treadmill before I'm fully awake, the chance I'll take it on in the following hours are reduced by 90%. Who programmed this brain of mine, anyway??

I have serious doubts that I'll ever figure out a way to outsmart myself.  This week (yes, one week at a time, please) I'd be happy if I could talk myself into going to bed earlier.  That would solve the current early evening napping situation.
But how to convince the brain it really can watch those season openers on another day?

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