Sunday, September 19, 2010

DVD Frustration or Burn Baby Burn

Yeah, I volunteered.  What you're saying is it's my own dang fault?
I guess.
But it was an opportunity to learn something new.  About a software program I didn't even know I owned--thanks to the manufacturer throwing in an extra.
My problem was manipulating the objects more than the program wanted me to.  After repeating the same process over and over this morning (with the same results), I decided it was time to make a clean start.

That's all it took.
The clean start fixed every stinking issue I was having.
It's true that I wasted 3 DVDs to test my progress along the way, but if I'm generous with myself, I'll admit that through that process I learned exactly how I wanted the layout of the DVD to work.
Now all I need is the final okay from the staff member in charge of the project.  Then I can burn 40 of these babies and be done with the job.

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