Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Group Think?

The short folk and I had our introductory science lesson yesterday.  The morning session's was abbreviated due to a drill, a visit from the counselor and testing pull outs.  Quite an impact on a 2 1/2 hour class.  It took some tweaking but we made it work.

I added something new and think I may revisit it periodically.  We talked about what "being ready to learn" looks like.  I don't understand why discussing about it as a group helps, but it does.  Now I'd like to figure out a way to encourage them to curb their behavior as a group.

I worked with a teacher 7 years ago who had a knack for creating that atmosphere where they all understand that they're a team.  That it's not enough for a single student to have excellent behavior, but they need to work together as a whole towards that goal.

Working as a team comes in handy in every aspect of our lives.  Now how to stimulate the team module in their brains?  ;>)


Beka said...

Hmmm. I don't work with the little one, but maybe some activities that they have to do as a group would help make that atmosphere. With the older groups I usually wait for behavior that I want to see (ready to learn behavior) quietly, just looking at them. Then sometimes I punctuate it with something like, "I'm just waiting for everyone to have their books open..." until the student actually figures it out or one of their neighbors tells them to get with it.

KandN said...

I'm always amazed at how those techniques work, even after all these years. Kind of like our use of, "I like the way Bob is standing quietly in line.", makes the rest of the line aware of what we're waiting for.
Following directions for kindergartners always seems like a whole new ball game, but I can't believe it. The majority have already been exposed if they attend a daycare or church.