Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reuseable Produce Bags

Bigger than it looks.
After over a year of carrying around my own grocery bag in my purse and almost always remembering to use it, I've begun to notice my use of plastic produce bags.  Especially since we buy a lot of produce--every week.  

I wonder how many bags I use in a month?  I wonder if I really want to know? 

Then one day while checking out at Freddy's, an older woman in line behind me, puts her produce on the conveyor belt in these awesome looking fine mesh bags.  

"Are those your bags?", nosy me asked.
"Yes! I love them! They sell sets of three over by the produce area."

But of course I couldn't just run over and buy the first ones I hear about, I have to comb the internet for more,  compare all the ones I find and read reviews.  Did you know that checkers appreciate the bags they can read the produce codes through?  Some bags help keep produce from getting too slimey in the fridge.  

Reusable Produce Bags by 3B, 3 count [S#151963] [GM]Okay, so now I'm either confused or undecided or just can't make up my mind.  Oops!  Sorry, a bit redundant there!

Then @AmberPadilla on Twitter sends me a link on how to sew your own.  I like that idea.  Then I start calculating the time spent shopping for the right kind of material, dragging out the sewing machine, finding out the tension isn't just right  . . .   
I return to the web and do a Google shopping search and I decide these are a good buy.  

I hope I made the right choice.


Amber said...

Let me know what you think of them. I am still thinking about making some and would love feedback before I go through the whole "finding the right fabric, tension, etc." process.

KandN said...

Amber, Way back when, I used to sew all the time. I think I still would if I had my machine set-up in an easy to use place.
Well, if I ever take it in for that needed tune-up!
I'm still not sure these bags are what I'm looking for. I want to be able to refrigerate the produce in the bags and not end up dehydrated after a short period of time.

Emily said...

I've been wanting to post on this... perhaps I'll tell my story of living in Germany and forgetting my bags after buying 100 euro in groceries. Scary!

KandN said...

Emily, Seriously?? Did people come to your rescue or were there bags to buy close by?
Or I could wait for your post. :)