Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What are your TJ favorites?

Whenever N and I stumble into TJ's it's usually a spur of the moment, let's-stop-as-long-as-we're-passing-by, kinda thing.  AND we're usually hungry and load the cart with cookies, candy and "oh yeah! I wanted a some green beans and vitamin B complex!".
Bad K!!
Here's to changing bad habits!
Tell me what your TJ favorites are, so I can make an actual, honest to goodness list.


Amber said...

So my faves are as follows:
TJ Herb and Cheese Pizza dough
TJ Chocolate Truffles, made in France
TJ Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
TJ Vitamins
TJ Refried beans - Salsa style

I could go on and on, just can't think of any more right now. I reserve the right to add on to this list. :)

KandN said...

I welcome your right to add on :)

Rebekah said...

The nitrate free sausages. Especially the chicken ones. Also, wine. Obviously. :)

KandN said...

Mmm, sausages!

Jennie said...

My favorites are:

Meditteranean Hummus
Kalamata Olives
Tasty Bite Indian Food entrees for lunches
Bulk nuts
Swiss Dark Chocolate Bar with Whole Hazelnuts
It goes on and on...

KandN said...

I'm loving this new list!

Emily said...

Mini peanut butter cups
Goat Cheese
Chocolate croissants (frozen)
STone-ground oats
Mini boiled beets
Sesame crisps
Fage yogurt
3 buck chuck
Huge bars of dark chocolate
TJ lavender dryer bags
and and and...