Monday, October 25, 2010

Tomorrow it's worms

How appropriate!
Worms and rain kind of go together, but only because we begin to see them above ground.
Another downpour outside . . . I hope there's an dry opportunity in the next 3 hours, so I can bring our little worm box into the garage.  I like having everything for school ready to go in the morning.  Plus, giving the majority of bugs a chance to escape before putting the box in the car sounds like an excellent plan to me.

I wonder how many of the wee folk will be willing to hold a worm?  Some years there's only one or two that refuse.  Thankfully, it's been rare to have more than a handful of the kids too squeamish.  What makes me smile, is seeing how many of them will spot the worms escaping their flooded homes and try to carry them to safety, after we've talked about them in science.
The kids are right, the playground is not a good place for a worm.


Anonymous said...

You'll be happy to note, perhaps as a result of your teachings, that several fifth graders "save worms" every year from the hazards of the playground. Of course, this year, I won't have the, ahem, pleasure (?) of witnessing that event. I'm not sad about that at all! ;-)

KandN said...

I agree with that "perhaps", D.
Children are a reflection of all of us--the majority being pretty good human beings.
On another note, too bad worms aren't better engineers. Maybe then their homes wouldn't flood every time it rains. ;)
I had no idea your hours were cut, until we met at the door the other day. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, my hours have not been cut (yet!). I've been on a four hour shift from the day I was hired into the permanent position.