Friday, October 1, 2010

Treadmill composing

Every morning this past week I've spent most of my time composing a letter in my head while walking on the treadmill.  Once N and I solved the issue of Fran's student loans, my insurance hit us with unexpected news:  She will no longer be covered on my insurance.

I thought I did a pretty good job of staying on top of things, as far as bills and other such household duties, but according to OEBB I screwed up with Fran's coverage.  Last October, was the first time district employees were to enroll for insurance online.  I wasn't alone in forgetting to click one last confirmation button when I went to re-certify Fran as a disabled dependent.  I had no idea until I received an email from an OEBB representative notifying me of my mistake.  Thankfully, she graciously took care of it for me.

When this year's enrollment window rolled around, I noticed that Fran's name was absent from my dependent list.  I emailed OEBB to find out why.  After an exchange of emails, I was told that Fran aged out in the summer and that ODS said I hadn't contacted them.  What??  A certified disabled dependent can "age out"?  We were supposed to contact ODS?  And how were we supposed to know this?? {huge sigh}

We appealed, filling out their form that asked just two questions and also included a note from Fran's doctor, saying that yes indeed she is disabled.  A certified letter arrived stating the same thing--that she aged out and we can't add her back.  Ah, but you may appeal again, the letter said.

My first thought is what would be the point?  Both N and I are covered thanks to our jobs.  BUT he plans on retiring soon and who knows what will happen to her coverage then.

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