Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crossed lines of communication

Ever have one of those times when you plan to meet up with someone for lunch and because one of you decided to change restaurants at the last minute, you end up in two different places?
That was me this afternoon.
All I remembered was, "Thompson's".
I was so proud of myself, snagging my favorite secluded table.  I ordered an iced tea and began checking out the St. Patrick's Day specials. A few minutes passed.
"Hmmm, they should be here by now", I said to myself.
Another moment passed,"Oh, crap! I forgot that L decided to change lunch to Spoons!".
There was no way I was going to leave after ordering an iced tea and being so close to home (needed to let pups out). I texted the other two to see if they would come to Thompson's. Nope.
I asked the waitress to order me Irish Stew to go, paid my tab and left.
At least now I feel pleased with myself for thinking ahead for N's quickie-before-band-rehearsal dinner.

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