Sunday, March 27, 2011

My favorite Android apps--so far

I don't think I'm a typical smart phone user, but (to be honest) I don't know exactly what that description includes.  I enjoy my phone, but it's a challenge for me to use it and still be a participant in any other activity. Either I'm messing with my phone or I'm paying attention to you--it's not going to be both.

Three months down the road and I find myself disappointed (not in my phone, love my phone), I thought my brain would automatically grow new paths/dendrites to accommodate this new activity. I haven't noticed it happening. Is there a study available for that? I might volunteer just out of curiousity.

Back to my original ponderings: I have a short list of favorite apps to share and I'd like to find out what yours are.
I'm still trying to decide which Twitter App I like the most. I began with Twidroyd, but when Twitter cut off their service it was a shove/nudge to go out and try some others. I gave Seesmic a try and now I'm test driving TweetCaster.


Kluver's Korner said...

I'm hooked on "Words with Friends" too!

KandN said...

Fran has been trying to use that one, but it sounds like there are issues with the Android version. I hope they fix it.

Unknown said...

Words for Friends and Angry Birds are two of my favs! Another app on my phone (since I am a DISH Network customer/employee) is DISH Remote Access. It turns my phone into a mobile DVR TV! I can watch live or recorded programming and even browse my TV guide like at home and setup recordings from anywhere at anytime! It's cool. Another good one is Camera Fun Pro! It's fun! :)

KandN said...

Alison, I have to admit to having a new addiction to Angry Birds. It's just hard enough and just easy enough to keep me trying.
Thanks for sharing your favorites!