Friday, April 15, 2011

What I need to believe

It's true, I have Pollyanna tendencies with a pinch of realist, fatalist and skeptic tossed into the mix.
I really believe that whatever happens with our schools (nationwide) that it will be temporary. Or maybe I have to believe it. Recovery takes time and yes, there are often things that are never recovered.
Although, I can remember thinking (a few decades back) that our schools were going down the tubes, but here we are with labs full of computers, quality music program still intact and the beginning of a healthy lunch movement. Changes I never thought possible.
The current economic struggle being wrestled with in our area school board meetings is not a local phenomenon. It's happening everywhere. I don't believe that jumping ship is a solution. And while getting involved can be a way to work toward a solution, it's also an opportunity to gather with other like minded folks in a collaborative effort to put all that brain power to work. Don't leave. Get busy. Or maybe you'll spend your entire life leaving and perhaps never finding what you seek.


Shirley said... bad were the cuts? We're still waiting in our district.

KandN said...

As of Friday, we heard K-8 librarians and our health aides will be gone. Norm said nothing is final yet, but it felt final.

Rebekah said...

You make an excellent point, K! Don't threaten to leave, go out and change things to the way you want them to be!

KandN said...

Thanks, Rebekah. I can't imagine how this weekend is playing out in the homes of those with this hanging over their heads. Or the first year teachers wondering if they'll be bumped.
When you know some of these people and their struggles it becomes even sadder. Our health aide has a disabled husband. Her job is what fills a health insurance gap for her family. True, this could all change once the final numbers and decisions have been made, but it's a bare naked fact that we'll be losing a share of our knowledge pool.