Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Changing things up

It doesn't happen often, but I'm making some changes to the science lesson line-up. About once a year, I try to be on the look out for topics that are more meaningful, but still doable for the short folk. The length of time AND the amount of prep required are both key elements in whether a lesson is possible. Those limitations make it tough to meet the cut.

When I first began to do science with the short folk (soo many years ago), I had a lot more leeway as far as time went. Plus we didn't do science journals back then. The students and I did some time intensive demonstrations that required clean-up and set-up for each group (we had 3 groups at that time). I still miss some of those lessons.

This time around finding ways to explore their 5 senses is the goal. Two years ago, I read about doing a popcorn lesson. We tried it and the lesson was a hit with the kids.  All 5 senses are used in the process. If I remember right, the hardest part was finding a cheap hot air popcorn popper. Thank you, Ebay.

But doing just one week on the 5 senses didn't feel satisfactory for this age group. This year we'll do 3. I may extend it to 4 next school year. Now to see if I have enough books to do that.

Here's a segment from a Sid the Science Kid episode below. As the short folk keep reminding me, I've come late to the Sid party.  ;>)

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