Monday, May 30, 2011

Dutch Oven Adventures?

Is it an unwritten rule that something must be left behind when going on a trip?

I consider it minor mishap if it's not life threatening, but still irritating. Usually, it's our coats we forget. The last time it was pillows. This time, it was an all important baggie of prepped vegetables for our dinner; potatoes, red pepper, celery, carrots, onion.  Pretty much the foundation of the meal. I do a lot of pre-trip prepping for short trips. Everything in it's own ziplock baggie. Evidently, I decided the veggies shouldn't inhabit the same location as the chicken--a smart move, food safety-wise. But when it came to grabbing handfuls of items and ticking them off mentally, it wasn't so smart. Guess I had those baggies under one category on my mental list.

N started the briquettes and oiled the dutch oven, while I gathered the ingredients. After a short weak wail when I discovered my err, I pulled up the cushion that hides our stash of miscellaneous canned food items we leave in the trailer. Sauerkraut? NO. Refried beans? NO. Mushy canned carrots? NO. Tomatoes? That sounds good. Corn? Maybe. Ranch beans? Possibly. Sliced olives? Maybe. Diced green chiles? Hmm. A box of corn muffin mix? That might be interesting. I gathered the possibilities to present to N, so we could decide together what to use.

After browning the cubed chicken, we added 2 cans of diced tomatoes, 1 can of drained corn, sliced olives and diced green chilies. We added salt, pepper, garlic and the only other spice combo in the larder--Italian seasoning. After the mixture began to bubble, about 30-40 minutes later, we added dollops of corn muffin batter to the top and continued cooking another 30-40 minutes.

It was . . . . interesting. Not something you want to write down and save (like I've done up above), but it was worth eating. I'm still trying to figure out where the sweetness came from--maybe the corn muffin mix?
Some accidental dinners (when you have an entire pantry at hand) are worth repeating and some just fill the belly.

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