Saturday, May 7, 2011

What's that on your toilet?

I can't tell you where the bee in my bonnet to have a bidet began, but there it was and it was getting more and more difficult to ignore. After I found out there was a lower priced alternative to buying an entire seat or toilet, I thought about it for at least a year before narrowing down the choice to a Renaissance Bidet Model 4000.
Overall it didn't take long to install, but installation did require more than one trip to the hardware store. The area behind the toilet is cramped, with the blood rushing to the head thing going on while trying not to ruin the threads on a cheap plastic fitting. N's advice? Go buy the brass fitting and slightly larger tubing instead. The South Salem Ace Hardware guy was very helpful in figuring out which fitting would work as a substitute.
We started with cold water only, since adding hot required drilling a hole into our cabinet. The cold wasn't all that bad, but it wasn't winter either.
I'm glad we did it, though I'll admit to wishing for the model with a built in blow dryer. I'll have to win that lottery I never play first. :>)

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