Monday, July 11, 2011

Lazy housekeeper's bathroom cleaning tip

Mr. Clean<sup>®</sup> Magic Eraser Bath ScrubberIf I didn't already own the chore of keeping the main bathroom clean, it would still be a first choice for me. Ever since I discovered the simplicity of keeping it clean with just a few extra minutes each day or even just 3 days a week, if you wish.

Seriously, I haven't lost my mind. It's when we neglect that room for just seven short days that the job becomes a bit more daunting. So now I keep one bath sized Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in the shower at all times (thumbs down on the addition of Febreze).

Once a week, before I jump in the shower,
I wet the sponge, add a squirt of handsoap (I don't like overuse of harsh chemicals) and
go over the counter, sink, toilet
do a quick swipe of the floor around the toilet,
rinse again,
toss the sponge in with me while I'm taking my shower and
then do a good wipe down when finished. 
My daily routine is to just go over the shower and doors and store the sponge in the shower.

What's your favorite housekeeping hint? Please share, I'm always in need of some new ones.


Kluver's Korner said...

Housekeeping?....oh, I KNEW there was something I keep forgetting to do! LOL! Thanks for the tip!

KandN said...

I wish I could come up with "short-cuts" for everything. Guess I'll just be content with the bathroom. :>)