Monday, November 21, 2011

Oh What a day

How did I get so lucky in one day??

Four, yes four! Four of my favorite things in one day! 
Driving in the PDX area. 
Driving in the rain. 
Driving in the dark 
AND (dootdadoot) 
driving during rush hour!!!  

Now I feel an overwhelming urge to do an impression of Sylvester the Cat spitting in disgust.  
After our drive home from her Beaverton appointment, Sara and I were so giddy with relief to be back in Salem, we laughed extra hard over a moment of hilarity in Costco.  
We greeted the membership card checker and there was this suspicious odor of poop and disinfectant hanging in the air.  
Of course I had to say something about it. Wouldn't you??

Fran began to giggle as I pushed her along in her wheelchair.  Soon we were over by the coolers and it became clear to me there was another odor in the mix--yep, it was vomit. I leaned down to share the obvious in her ear.  The giggling increased. 
We made a stop at the pharmacy. Fran was just beginning to recover, when another customer on the other side of the pharmacy counter said, " smells like Christmas".

That was it. The gates opened and she began gasping for air. Didn't help that I leaned down and wondered out loud, "I wonder where SHE spends christmas?" 

I'm sure people were wondering what was wrong with the two of us. 

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