Thursday, February 16, 2012

Carolyn Hax--Crap Tsunami

"Crap tsunami, well said. It offers an answer, too: What can you do except scramble to the safest possible     place and wait it out?

Since sewage isn’t actually lapping at your foundation (at least, not yet!), you can get a little more creative in the way you define “safest possible place.” I can’t say this enough: Strip your life of everything that either doesn’t matter or can wait for later. Spare from the ax one or two activities that have a renewing effect on you, and make them your refuge. Spend your remaining energy on giving and receiving love from those whose time is running out.

Also, take faultless care of yourself, based on the holistic trinity of sleep, exercise and healthy diet.

For your emotional state during this time, I offer two of the most enduringly useful pieces of advice I’ve gotten from people during my worst times:

1. Find a steeple to chase — i.e., use a fixed point in the distance as the thing that keeps you from losing yourself and keeps you moving toward a goal. It can just be, “Take great care of my mom,” or, “Stay close to my spouse/partner/best friend,” or, “Make it to my annual beach week.”

2. Know that everything external eventually passes. That includes bad times, good times, bulls, bears and every one of us.

In other words, steady yourself, then trust and live by the laws of change."~Carolyn Hax

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