Monday, June 18, 2012

After words and After thoughts (apologies to Rod McKuen)

Let me be absolutely clear, I love my family and I love to bring people into our backyard when the weather allows. But what I'm not, is a good hostess.

I recognize this ability in others. I even go over what I want and need to do before the event happens, but no matter what-- I end up sitting in one place engaging in conversation with whoever happens to be in the vicinity. After everyone leaves, the self critique begins. Where oh where is the progress?!

That's one of the many things I admired about you Mom. You seemed to have an ability to be everywhere when you hosted or helped host. I know it was Father's Day yesterday, but I really felt your absence.  I am glad that Dad decided to share your ashes. No, they're not you. They're just a comforting little symbol of you. You're in a quiet shade garden, back in a corner, with the hardy fuchsias, hostas, ferns and hydrangea vine. (Thank you, Lise, for the wise suggestion.) 
With Love,

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