Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's Her Thing

This summer, Fran is on fire with a to do list in hand. She decided the back bedroom, whose walls had gone long neglected, needed to be painted. She spackled (proclaimed her big sis shall never push another pushpin into another wall again), chose paint color, prepped (with help of her big sis) and painted. The transformation, from my point of view, is breathtaking. Of course, there were other subtle changes: rearranging, tidying up, tossing.

Then she dove into the daunting (4 yrs worth) layers in her bedroom. After going through her clothes and books and taking several bags to the Goodwill, she can now escape to her own bed once again.

She's right in the middle of painting the hallway, dining room and living room at the moment. Gray? Really? You want to paint the walls gray? And so far I'm loving it. It's calm and crisp and to my deficient eyes looks good with everything in the room.

I wonder where she'll take me next?

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